La Pavoni Espco Competente

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All models are equipped with

Fascino filter holder
allows to obtain creamy espresso coffees

Filters and Shower
Filters and Shower “Competizione”
perforation, with precise, even, and
uniform 0.30 mm holes.
Improved surface by
electropolishing process, which
eliminates the iron oxide, resulting
in a better and shinier material.
This process also acts inside
the holes, thus improving the
perforation compared to standard.
Filters are tested one by one, and
marked La Pavoni.

Filter “Competizione” 1T, height 24
mm, 9gr. Internal diameter: 52 mm.
Filter “Competizione” 2T, height 25
mm, 16gr Internal diameter: 52 mm.
Filter “Competizione” 2T, height 29
mm, 20gr. Internal diameter: 52 mm.
Shower “Competizione”, with
photo-engraved membrane.
Produced in single units, the
membrane has 200 μm filtering

Improves the water flow on the
coffee puck, its extremely smooth
surface offers unmatched sanitary
and non-contaminating qualities.
Coffee tamper inox AISI 304,
300gr. Diameter: 51 mm


Brewing pressure profiling control
The pressure gauge set on the
group, allows to customize the
brewing pressure profiling of the

Steam wand
1 with nozzle 1 hole Ø 1,5 mm
1 with nozzle 1 hole Ø 2 mm

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